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Rotary Transfer Machines

Revolution Machine Works is a world class rotary transfer machine provider that works with customers to get the best solution for their machining applications, budget, and skill level. We are composed of former shop owners and OEM machine technicians so we know both sides of the business and can find a solution that works best for you. 

We have a dedicated applications staff to review your projects to find the best transfer machine for you. We understand that every application is different and that budget constraints play as much as a role in making a project feasible as much as the quality and technology of the equipment.

That is why we provide all levels of Rotary Transfer machine tools and equipment from used and rebuilt Hydromat® machines up to new DM2 CNC Rotary Transfer machines to provide multiple options so you can take on more jobs and be more successful. We look forward to helping you exceed your goals by providing you with quality service, fast response times, and state of the art equipment to fit your machining needs.

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