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There are limited production hours available each year – make them count with Productivity’s automation integration solutions. Automation is more than just adding a robot. It is analyzing the entire manufacturing process and developing an automation solution that will meet each customer’s needs.

Productivity specializes in the integration of automation for the general machining industry and precision machining operations using FANUC robots and is an authorized FANUC robotics automation integrator with a staff of experienced robot automation engineers. They will examine your entire manufacturing process, from receipt of raw materials to shipping of the finished product and design a robotic solution that is customized to fit your specific needs.


  • Pre-engineered/pre-packaged robotic systems
  • Less operator machine tending, better labor utilization for part inspection, tool management, etc.
  • Consistent part flow and quality
  • System flexibility, easily retooled and repositioned for new production program
  • Optimal product flow and floor space utilization
  • Increased end-user competitiveness

Increased Productivity

  • 24/7 Production, JIT manufacturing friendly
  • More uptime with historic efficiency figures above 90%
  • Secondary operations capability, gauging, washing etc.
  • Real time factory communications with automated cell and machines
  • Quick changeover for multiple parts, tooling & programs
  • Flexible multi-operations capability, Op 10, 20, etc.

Value-Added Features

  • Pre-Engineered Systems with engineered specific tooling and programming
  • Custom automated systems available
  • Single source for automation, machine tools, tooling, gauging, etc.
  • Automation packages retrofitted to existing equipment
  • Ongoing PI support and service
  • Completed systems proven at PI & production ready
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