Vectis Cobot Welding

With 115+ years of combined experience in the robotic welding industry, the Vectis team is known for its delivery of substance and results. Vectis Automation empowers you with a fully integrated, ready-to-weld Cobot Welding Tool featuring DIY programming and setup that gives you leverage to boost productivity in your weld shop. It’s weld automation for less cost, less risk, and less setup time than ever before. Vectis Cobot Welding Advantages:


Automation thrives on consistency: of parts, fixturing, joint cross-section, material condition, consumables condition, etc.

Easy Integration

While the temptation may be to automate the large, complex parts that create a significant labor drain whenever they go through the shop, we’ve seen the most efficient deployment of automation to be on the smaller, simpler parts.

Let automation take care of the repetitive parts, which allows your skilled welders to shift their focus to the skilled weldments. We’ve also seen success in larger parts being broken up into subassemblies. Here are a few common aspects of easily adaptable weldments:

• GMAW (MIG) fillets and bevels

• Steel or stainless steel

• A relatively “open” design for torch access

• Parts that don’t require repositioning

• High arc time relative to # of welds

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