Swiss Machining – Know worldwide for extreme rigidity and process stability

NomuraSwiss turning machines are ideal for machining complex parts, working with difficult materials, achieving fine finishes and extending tool life.

In the 1870’s the demand for Swiss watches required high volumes of precise parts for their coveted timepieces. Fixed head turning machines of the day were not capable of holding the tight tolerances required for these small diameter parts. So the Swiss watchmaking industry developed a different kind of turning machine.

Over the years, the sliding headstock, or Swiss-style turning machine, has been refined to become a true workhorse for high-volume, high-precision machining – and for good reason.

Today Swiss-style turning machines coupled to automatic, high-capacity bar feeders are ideal for unattended and lights-out production of parts ranging from medical and dental products to sensitive measuring instruments and, of course, Swiss watches.

Eclipse Machine Tool Solutions is proud to offer local service and applications support for the Nomura Line.

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