Preventative Maintenance

Platinum Preventive Maintenance Program

We are pleased to offer Haas customers a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program carried out by our Haas Factory-Certified Service Engineers. Protect your Haas investment and maximize your productivity by utilizing locally available Haas factory-certified professionals to keep your machine in the best possible condition. Essential items addressed at every preventative inspection are listed below.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection Items

Electrical System
Check incoming voltage
DC buss voltage
Logic voltages
Condition of wires and connections
Ensure fans are working
Check regen resisters
Check vector drive
Check transformers
Check cabinet filter
Check motor connections and brushes* 

Operator Panel
Condition of keypad
Function of keys, buttons, remote handle jog*
Condition of floppy drive*
Adjust CRT if needed
Check door rollers, switches, rails
Operation of chip auger/conveyor

Check if in good working condition

Pneumatic System
Check filters*
Check hoses and fittings
Check for leaks
Check pressure switch

Way Lube System
Inspect filters
Inspect lines and fittings
Check proper pump operation

Check transmission oil
Condition of belts
Condition of air lube lines
Condition of spindle taper or chuck

Hydraulic Power Unit*
Check oil level and condition of oil
Check for leak
Check max pressure
Check low pressure switch
Check gauges
Check that filter has been changed 

Check condition of hoses
Check for leaks
Coolant pump and filters
P-cool operation

Optional Special Services
Must be completed at time of preventive maintenance. 

Through Spindle Coolant (mills)
High Pressure Coolant (lathes) 
Check pre-charge pressure, hoses, pressure at pump, seal housing, and filters.

Pallet Changer or Parts Loader 
Check for wear on rollers, status of switches, alignment to machine, condition of bumbers, and remote operator panel.

Bar Feed (Haas brand only) 
Check alignment, switches, and repeatability.

Vibration Analyzer Test
Verifies machine vibration against established criteria. Isolates potential problems while still manageable.

Ball Bar Calibration 
Used as a diagnostic tool, the ball bar tests circularity and verifies the positioning accuracy and repeatability of your machine tool. Only available on mills at this time.

* if applicable

Vertical and Horizontal Mills

Price Per Visit

TM-3, GR$900
MM, SMM, VF1-2, VM2$1250
VF3-5, VM3$1350
HS1, EC300, EC400$1650
VF6-11, VM6, HS2, EC500, EC1600-3000$1450
HS3-7, EC630, VS, VR$2500

Horizontal Lathes

Price Per Visit

SL10-20, TL15, GT$900
SL30-40, TL25$1500

Optional Special Services

Price when performed at same time as PM:

Through Spindle Coolant (Mills) or High Pressure Coolant (lathes)$395
Pallet Changer or Parts Loader$395
Bar Feed (Haas brand only)$395
Check Backlash in X, Y, and Z axes$100
Vibration Analyzer Test$295
Ball Bar Calibration$125
Recharge Counterbalance$100

Prices reflect costs per visit per machine. All prices are subject to change anytime. 

Additional service, repairs, and parts for repairs are scheduled with the HFO and are subject to standard service rates. The Preventive Maintenance Service provides a list of necessary repairs and possible parts needed for future maintenance.