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NYMAT is committed to working hard to close the manufacturing skills gap in the U.S. In partnership with the Haas Technical Education Centers (HTECs) we offer training programs with hands-on experience in a real-world manufacturing environment as well as classroom or on-site training.

The Haas Technical Education Center Network is an industry and education led initiative that enables manufacturing technology educators and their schools to acquire the latest CNC machine tools and related CNC ancillary equipment, software and educational materials. The goals are to provide students with a relevant, high tech and hands-on educational experience. And to graduate work-ready CNC machinists, programmers & engineers for today’s industrial employers and the manufacturing challenges of the future.

Closely tied to the HFO network is a corresponding network of Haas Technical Education Centers (HTECs). Each center is the result of a unique alliance between Haas Automation, a local Haas Factory Outlet, and a local learning institution, with the objective of providing students with hands-on experience in a real-world manufacturing environment.

All HTECs are Haas-certified, and require a serious collaboration between the school management and the local HFO to ensure an ongoing “win-win” scenario. These centers are dedicated to the future of the manufacturing industry, and they continue the Haas pledge to deliver high-quality education to the engineers of tomorrow. For more information about Haas Automation and the expanding network of Haas Factory Outlets and HTECs, contact HFO NYMAT at 877-325-HAAS (4227).

Haas Technical Education Centers

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Custom Training for Your Business

Along with our one- and two-day Haas classes, NYMAT offers custom training onsite at your facility or at either of our training locations. These training solutions can be designed to meet your specific training requirements.

For more information contact us by filling out the custom training request form. We will follow up promptly with a consultation for the timing and cost estimates for your personalized training solution.

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