MAXimize your Haas machine performance by teaming up with our experienced application engineers. Improve your productivity and profitability with our value-added services and partnership. Combined, our team has decades of experience from the computer desktop to the shop floor to help you find the best solution to fit your needs.

Process Design

The NYMAT team can help you create complete solutions from the moment your material enters the process to when in-spec parts are shipped to the customer on time. Put our knowledge of materials, tooling, accessories and machinery to work for you and put the best possible process in place for productivity and profitability. 


CNC programming can be easy, but in some cases, you may need help with professional programming on a new machine, program, part spec change or complex design. Have a part with a spec change and need rapid re-programming? Let us help. New machine with so many features you need an experienced hand on deck? We can help you program or teach your staff about the capabilities. Our experience with machine types, controllers, and CAD/CAM software makes us an ideal go-to partner for programming services and collaboration.  

Tooling & Fixture Design

When you need custom tooling or fixture design, you need NYMAT. With our decades of experience, we have seen and designed a multitude of configurations from simple to complex. Tooling and fixtures can make or break productivity. More importantly, a poor selection and design in this area can cause dramatic downtime during failure, or even worse, ruin a machine. Don’t take chances if you’re even a little unsure your tooling or fixture solution is optimal. Contact NYMAT for an assessment or new design consultation.   

Cycle Time Reduction

Shorter cycle times are the lifeblood of profitability. We can assess your cycle time and see where there are opportunities to improve and even innovate. Let us better position you for competitive bids based on tighter timelines. At NYMAT, we have the ability to synchronize your process and delay times, optimize cycle times and increase your customers’ satisfaction to the MAX! 


The NYMAT team is comprised of generations of staff and colleagues that have seen it all. From developing the most challenging production processes to strategizing your next move in machine acquisition. If you’re in search of new machines and applications to grow your business look no further than the NYMAT team of sales engineers.

General Inquiry & Sales
CNC Machine Tools

NYMAT Sales Engineers are CNC solution experts. Driven to assist customers in their manufacturing needs.