It’s About Time.

The HX250iG gives you high speed and accuracy in a low-cost horizontal machine that comes standard with:

  • 2-station automatic pallet changer – increase spindle uptime by at least 30%
  • Full 4th axis rotary table for complex parts – no additional equipment or time-consuming special operations
  • 40 to 102 tool capacity – handle complicated jobs without timely interruptions
  • 15K to 30K RPM direct drive spindle with tool-to-tool change in .9 seconds
  • Multi-surface machining in one set-up for faster throughput – meet tight deadlines and quote more jobs

A Rapid Return on Investment

You don’t need to spend a lot to add horizontal machining capability anymore.

  • 12 month ROI vrs. 22 months for (3) vertical machining centers
  • Annual profitability after payoff 2 times greater
  • Increase shop efficiency factor by at least 2X

It’s About Space.

It has the smallest #30 HMC footprint in the world. This compact, space-saving machine gives you flexibility to add more machines and capabilities to expand your business without expanding your building.

  • Takes up less space than a typical 40×20 vertical machining center
  • Size gives you floor layout options with multiple machines
  • Provides room for adding automation/robotics options
An incredibly large work envelope for its size.

It’s About Flexibility.

  • Full 4th axis on each pallet with 300 rpm
  • Field expandable to 5-axis, 102 tools, 10 pallets
  • Automation-enabled machines will run high-volumes in un-manned lights-out mode
  • Industry 4.0 features with remote machine monitoring – do more with less HR overhead
  • Fanuc user-friendly robotics integration
  • Tool change outside machine minimizes chip contamination inside machine
  • Heat sensors monitor machine temp. for accurate machining and lights-out monitoring
  • Long lasting value: heavy-duty rigidity with 9,900# of Meehanite metal casting for delivering better finishes and longer tool life

See the HX250iG in Action


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Local Service and Support.

At NYMAT, we know you can’t afford to have downtime, and one of the best features about this special offer on the HX250iG machine is it comes with our industry re-known local service and parts are available for next-day delivery, no waiting for overseas shipping.