Productive Robotics

Simple 7-Axis Cobot Solutions

4 models built with 7-axis design and “No programming” user interface

Productive Robotics‘ full line of next generation cobots built with 7-axis design are ideal for automating simple to complex tasks of various payloads and sizes. Each member of the OB7 family is built in with the same “no programming” user interface, making job teaching simple and fast. With 7-axis capability, each model provides greater flexibility, maneuverability, and seamless integration into existing workstations. Each OB7 7-axis model can be equipped with the human-like sense OB Vision, providing even simpler, faster and more efficient robot training and operation.

Simple and intuitive interface 

No programming – just drag and drop

Many companies promise “easy programming”. We believe it’s only easy for programmers. OB7 eliminates coding and programming altogether. Simply show OB7 the job and it learns. Job modifications are simple with one finger drag-and-drop. Complex functions like grid packaging, machine interfaces, stacking and imported CAD paths are simple due to OB7’s learning process. OB7 remembers its jobs for future use.

Physically move through the motions

One time – done. OB7 learns quickly

Show OB7 what to do by moving it through the steps. OB7 will interpret the motions and automatically learn the required operational steps. OB7’s advanced “teach by touch” design provides simplicity, effectiveness, and broad capability.

Safe to use alongside your existing staff

OB7 safely senses collisions at every joint, and stops. Safely stop OB7 with your hand. To restart when an operation is paused, tap OB7 on one of its joints. When running at safe collaborative speeds, there no guarding is required. To operate at high speeds, an optional Laser Safety Scanner is available.


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