Open House March 11, 10am – 4pm

NYMAT Machine Tool is holding an Open House on March 11, 2020 at our Fairport, NY demonstration facility. The 2020 theme is Affordable Automation.  The objective of the Open House is to show customers how to make their shops more productive. If you can’t find skilled employees – you have to make the ones you have more productive. Check out the latest machines, attachments and technologies – including 5-axis machining demonstrations, the fastest growing segment of technology in the machining market.

On March 11th we will be exhibiting for the workforce in the industry, and in support of that workforce, on March 12th and 13th we will continue the open house with our Student Days event.


Haas Automatic Parts Loader
The Haas Automatic Parts Loader on a Haas CNC Turning Center will be up and running for the first time in Upstate NY at the NYMAT/HFO showroom.  The Haas Automatic Parts Loader is a simple and affordable way to automate part production and boost productivity on Haas turning centers. It’s designed and built exclusively for use on Haas turning centers and connects directly to the Haas control. 

Nexturn Swiss Machine with Bar Feeder
Absolute Machine Tools will have a Nexturn Swiss Machine on-site and will run production parts with automatic bar feed loading. This installation includes a 12 foot bar feed at no additional cost. 

For parts that require mill/turn operations, Quick Tech will be demonstrating how to reduce setups and produce higher quality parts with less cycle times 

Lico CNC Screw Machine
 Also shown will be a Lico CNC Screw Machine which can put up to 5 tools in a cut at the same time. 

Made in the USA Cobot Robot
 And to make all machines more productive, a Cobot OB7 robot – starting at less than $35,000 – with 7 axes of easily programmed movement will be shown.  

A Kitamura Horizontal demonstration will show the benefits of pallet setup and loading.  Also, a Kitamura integral pallet vertical mill that will show setup while the spindle is machining another part.  In addition, we’ll demonstrate 5-axis machining – the fastest growing segment of technology in the machining market. 

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